Buyapowa is the world’s leading referral marketing platform, powering invite-a-friend programmes for hundreds of brands including L’Oréal, ASOS, O2, Sky, River Island and Three. A unique feature-set, including a multi-referral engine, flexible rewards and an intelligent sharing suite, enables brands to launch fully-branded, internationalised referral programmes in minutes, reducing the cost per customer acquisition by up to 80%.

With traditional online acquisition becoming more difficult and more expensive, Buyapowa realised that to solve this serious problem we needed to look back in order to move forward. This meant restoring word of mouth to its rightful role as a marketer’s number one marketing tool.

Back when people actually talked to each other, marketing was all about word of mouth. When people discovered a fantastic shop, or product, or offer, they told their friends and, sure enough, those friends tootled on down to the corn exchange / market square / high street to check it out. That’s how the retail giants we revere all got started. And it’s how the new mega brands of today, such as Uber, are now building their businesses.

But Buyapowa didn’t just stir a dash of Whatsapp and a sprinkle of Twitter into some stale old soup. It completely re-imagined what it takes to engage customers, get them sharing, start their friends shopping and keep everyone coming back for more by combining advanced sharing tools, and smart rewards and incentives in a fully responsive multi-channel enterprise referral marketing platform.

Today, Buyapowa’s unique Refer-a-Friend marketing platform is turbo-charging acquisition programmes for leading brands around the world, across industries including retail, insurance, subscription, fashion, beauty, gaming, and automotive.